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Adopt bacth 8- WTA //6/22 Open// by ShazzaShagga Adopt bacth 8- WTA //6/22 Open// by ShazzaShagga

O____O;; that's a big batch...

What I will allow you to do-
-Your story can have a minimum of 50 words. There is no maximum.
-Shounen-Ai/Shoujo-Ai (no yaoi or yuri thx I want to keep my innocence ((well... what little I have left)) for a little longer)
-You can choose the gender
-In your story you may describe them as you plead OR change their designs, BUT ONLY A LITTLE and please tell me what you are planning to change~
-Spelling errors and punctuation errors are fine~
-For this batch I am allowing a zombie story. ONLY because there's a zombie adopt. (please don't make it too flesh eating ; m ; )

What I won't Allow you to do-
-no yaoi or yuri thx I want to keep my innocence (well... what little I have left) for a little longer
-No R18 please, (unless it's gore~)

Other stuffs~
Okay, you probably may not know how to get started, well~~ choose the adopt that you like~ then think of a background story, list out their hobbies, personality, likes, dislikes and then start writing.
I'll do an example of this bby here This bby now belongs to :iconchuchukitty: (I will use her as an example for more of my "Write to Adopts"~
Story mode... Activate!
Laya, a girl of 16. She always sleeps around the house, never does anything. Well... Except, sleep, eat, poop and pee.
But what does Laya dream of?
In Laya's dream world, there are several wars, but at the same time, there is peace. The food is dilicious, but at the same time it's gross.
Her brown eyes squint at the bright, yet dim sun. She walks through the hard, yet soft field of grass to her destination. A river filled with fish and sharks. She jumps in and everything turns black.
She wakes up with a jolt, then she stretches her muscles... What little muscle she has. She then walks into the kitchen to drink a glass of milk. Then she heads back to her small bed and collapses in it. Back to her dream world she goes, where everything seems better, but at the same time worse.

Okay, there's an example~~
Through the story it describes that Laya is a dreamer, she dreams of a better world. And she is also a little mentally ill, seeing as she commited suicide in her dream. All together she doesn't like reality ovo

First to write is first to get served~~ (some dinner XD)

All charas belong to TinierMe (i'm not crediting because they didn't make the designs, TinierMe did)

1. //Open//
2. //Closed// :icontheshuppetprinciple:
3. //Closed// :icontali-darkwings:
4. //Open// 
5. //Closed// :iconfunpinkpunk:
6. //Closed// :iconnnaui:
7. //Closed// :iconsilvermoon2819:
8. //Closed// :iconsilvermoon2819:
9. //Closed// :iconstawking:
10. //Closed// :icontheshuppetprinciple:
11. //Open//
12. //Closed// :iconfunpinkpunk:
13. //Closed// :iconfunpinkpunk:
14. //Closed// :iconnnaui:
15. //Closed// :iconayuyuma:
16. //Closed// :iconfreyjameili:
17. //Open//
18. //Closed// :iconfeideiyss-celestia:
19. //Open//
20. //Open//
21. //Closed// :iconfeideiyss-celestia:
22. //Closed// :iconpsychopathiccutie:

EDIT: i put the download up because most lieky you can't see it all to well

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DarkishStarNight Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Student Artist
Is it okay if i write for #2 and #11? OuO
XtoxicXtheXkittenX Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
For Number 17

She walked through the halls of the school. 'So far, being in a human higschool is going well for me.' She thought as she made her way from the cafeteria to her 3rd block class. She gets there and sits down. Unfortunately, just what she wanted not to happen does. Her wings pop out and she looks down at her desk embarrassed.
"You're what? 15? Why would you wear stupid childish things like that?" One of the more popular girls says and laughs. The pink haired fairy pulls her Hello Kitty hat down to cover her face. Soon enough, the whole class is laughing at her. 'At least I haven't turned tiny yet...' she thinks. Just then, a girl with cat ears and a tail walks in to the American Government class. She puts her stuff at the desk next to the fairy and notices the girl's wings. Next, she notices everyone laughing at the poor girl who is now crying. The neko stands up out of her seat. She had had enough.
"Really? You're calling her immature when you're all laughing about something that isn't even true? Why don't you check your sources before you judge! Or, better yet, don't judge people at all!" The neko takes her seat again.
"Thank you." The teacher says. The young fairy dries her tears and looks at the neko. The neko looks right at her. 
"I'm Toxic. And you are?"
"H-hi. I'm Sakura. Thank you for standing up for me."
"No problem. I hate when people do that." The shorter girl smiles at the fairy. The fairy smiles back.
'Maybe I will have friends here...'
ArcticWolfAnime Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student General Artist
a-awww.... they are all so adorable... i would so love to have one but all the ones i want so bad are taken XD
Bigsisnat533 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
For #1

Eva Adams tripped over her heels again. She'd just started wearing them, and already hated them. She was only six, but her mother insisted on her wearing them. She just didn't know why. Her mother, Lucile, never had to. She always was running around barefoot with Eva a few months ago. They'd prank Eva's father. But something had changed. Her mother used to be fun. Together, they' dump on the bed and see how many bubbles they could get in Eva's bath. But the childishness in her mother had faded away. Eva didn't know why. They weren't in trouble were they? That night, she snuck off to the waterfall again, where she' dog to escape her trouble. She loved going there. She could be as childish as she wanted. She of course went barefoot. That night, she saw her mother was there. So Eva decided to spy on Lucile. A woman, taller than her mother, came from the small lake surrounding the waterfall. She was wearing a blue dress. 

"Lucile," the woman said," you must know the battle isn't over. Though there may be peace, there is always war. We may die, but our destinies carry on into our children."

"What? What do you mean?" Lucile asked".

"I must go," the woman said, already fading," cherish the moments with your children."

Lucile looked away from the spot where the the woman stood. Which was where Eva was hiding. 

"Eva!" She snapped," What are you doing here?"

Eva looked at her feet. "Sorry mama. I came here to run free, but I saw you here and knew you wouldn't want me to be sneaking away."

"Oh Eva," Lucile said, her tone softening," I used to sneak away to come here at your age too."

"Mother?," Eva started.


"What did the strange woman mean when she said 'our destinies carry on into our children'?"

"Eva, some questions are left unanswered. Let's go home." 

And that's how Eva's life started. 

So if you didn't get it...

Name: Princess Eva Krystal Adams 
Age: 6
Personality: Childish, mischievous 
Likes: Going to the waterfall
Dislikes: High heel shoes
Hobbies: Pranking her father, getting as many bubbles as she can in the tub, running around
ShazzaShagga Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
+w+ this story is just so... AMAZANG~~~~
le sending~~
Bigsisnat533 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks!  I just got it.
ShazzaShagga Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AyuYuma Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student
Number 12

Name: Cecilla
Age: 16
Bio: Ceci was born with a middle wealth family, but adopted. She was a castaway child at birth and was sent to a random strangers house who took her in. They have treated Ceci like their own child, but when she grew of the truth of her real family, she became less distant of her family, self and things around her. She likes to leave to the outside and  wonder about her self, often getting lost. One day, she lost her travel back home up, she tried not to be afriad as the sun was setting, though..she thought to herself this is the time she will be able to find her other family. She still has feelings for her adopted family, but she wants to know who gave her birth and who was the first person she had looked at when she was born.

Likes: Reading books, clean freak, boys who wear glasses, truth

Dislikes: lies, dirty places, alleyways, and sports.
ShazzaShagga Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
such a beautiful story, unfortunately 12 has already been taken, sorry for the confusion
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